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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Our Message

The world is experiencing unprecedented and uncertain times.

Health and wellbeing are the most important things right now and so we have made the decision that our people will move in phases to working remotely in the near future. 

We are fortunate that our investment in technology over the last few years, means that we are able to operate all of our computer systems remotely, thereby allowing our staff to complete virtually all aspects of their work for you away from our main office, with minimum disruption. 

We will continue to complete your accounts, VAT, payroll and tax returns in a timely manner. 

Our switchboard will remain open but we anticipate that email may be the most direct method of contact. 

When there are announcements that will affect you or your business, we will in the first instance email you. Please also, keep up to date by reading our Blog whenever you can.

If you and your people are working remotely and/or struggling to keep your records straight then please let us know.  We can install a variety of Cloud based solutions to help and if you can scan and email documents to us we can help in posting them. 

If you need anything let us know.  Our business depends on your business and we must all pull together during the next few weeks.  

Here is a quick action plan to help focus your thoughts:

1.  Keep your eye on Government advice: Government Response to (COVID-19)

2. Your main purpose is to protect the health of yourself, your family, employees and customers and them reduce the risk oft he financial impact to your business. So you need to take action now. 

3.  A dedicated phone helpline has been set up by HMRC to support businesses and self- employed people concerned about not being able to pay their tax due to COVID-19. The dedicated helpline number is 0800 00 024 1222

4. Hold a meeting with key team members.

5. Summarise the actions and allocate responsibility to make them happen. 

6.  Talk to us – we are all in this together. 

Best Wishes

Alan Camfield and Chris Lowe
Camfield Chapman Lowe


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